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Good morning mommies

You may be wondering from my first blog about “Tummy Time Pillows“, what does it have to do with breast feeding or bottle feeding my baby? 

Let me explain:

How do your arms and your back feel when holding baby against your breast or in your arms when bottle feeding?  I remember, as my baby grew and picked up weight, my arms and back hurt quite a bit….NOW thank goodness for the “Tummy Time Pillow“!!!!

Just wrap it around your body and let baby ly on it and WOW!!! no more aches and pain.  You can sit back and relax, sing to baby while feeding, chat to baby while feeding.  No more wishing that baby will get finished feeding because your arms are aching.  Just enjoy the time with “Tummy Time Pillow” doing the work.

My best wishes to you and baby


Extremely happy


I am now a Granny of 6 grandchildren, but a few years back, I became a mommy 3x over.

I breastfed all 3 my children until they were at least 4 or 5 months old.  How I wish that I could have known about all the gadgets which are now on the market today to make things easier for a mommy.

One gadget, the “Tummy Time Pillow” : 

What is a “Tummy Time Pillow“?

 Make tummy time fun and interactive

Babies are NEVER too young to benefit from some tummy time!!!!

(Tummy time helps build baby’s neck, back and upper body strength.  This is important for the development of motor skills like rolling, sitting, crawling and pulling up to stand)

It’s a booster cushion:  supports baby’s chest to free the arms to explore and practice pushing up

NB!!! Paediatricians recommend that all babies spend some time on their tummies each day

That is why I enjoy my sewing so much, as now I sew up these helpful pillows for my children to use with their babies. 

Anyone who is interested in the “Tummy Time Pillow” can order them from me by email: